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Fifth St. Wastewater Pump Station Upgrades

Township of Delran

Fifth Street Wastewater Pump Station Upgrades: The Fifth Street Pump Station was originally constructed in 1991, with some upgrades in 2001. An evaluation of the facility found that additional upgrades were required to repair or replace various items.
These improvements, which were recently completed, included:

• Rehabilitation of the severely deteriorated concrete in both wet wells.

• Installation of a new mechanical comminutor and rail system in the circular wet well to replace the existing, maintenance intensive bar screen.

• Removal of the inoperable 24-inch diameter knife gate between the two wet wells and installation of a new valve to allow each wet well to be isolated if necessary for maintenance.

• Construct a "bus stop" type shelter for the pump control panels in order to keep the temperature of panels down in summer and to provide shelter for personnel working on this equipment during inclement weather.

• Painting of piping as needed throughout the facility.

• Electrical system improvements, including replacement of the existing on-site utility pole.

• Replacement of ventilation fans for the wet wells.

• Painting of the existing emergency generator.

• Installation of sump pumps in the magnetic meter chamber and the check valve chamber.