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Elevated Water Storage Facility - OBMUA

Old Bridge Route 9 Elevated Water Storage Facility

Recent commercial development along the Route 9 corridor in the Sayrewoods section of Old Bridge exceeded the fire flow capacity of the pump station and 100,000 gallon elevated water storage tank serving that section of town. Originally conceived as a large pump station project that would meet the daily water demands as well as fire flows by pumping from a ground level storage tank in another section of town, it became apparent that the replacement of the undersized elevated tank was the more economically feasible and practical project. With the construction of a 1,000,000 gallon elevated water storage tank and related upgrades to the existing Perrine Road pump station, sufficient water to meet all daily and fire demands would be continuously available at pressure without relying on pumps, and would allow the decommissioning of the antiquated pump stationwhich served the Sayrewoods area.

(Project Specifics)
Project consists of the construction of a 1,000,000 gallon elevated water storage tank of the spheroid design. The tank is approximately 150 feet tall to the high water line. Also included in the project is construction of the reinforced concrete foundations; several hundred feet of water main; and installation of the electric service and instrumentation and controls to be incorporated into the Authority's existing SCADA system for remote monitoring of the tank. The project also includes the demolition of the existing 100,000 gallon elevated tank.

(Project Specifics)
The project included the installation of two vertical turbine pumps that required the construction of a trench for the pumps in the existing pump station floor. Included with the (2) pumps was the installation of over 900 feet of 16" diameter transmission line to connect the Perrine Road pump station to the existing Sayrewoods area distribution system. Upgrades to the existing SCADA system and installation of pump control valves, flow control valve and a chlorine analyzer were also included as part of the project. Operation of the pumps based on the water level in the Sayrewoods tank and the sodium hypochlorite disinfectant feed rate at Perrine Road were automated through the SCADA system.