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South River Metal Brownfield Redevelopment Site

Township of Aberdeen

The former South River Metal Products facility had been in operation for the better part of the 20th century. Originally owned by the Matawan Steel and Iron Company, the factory has been owned by a half-dozen companies over its 100-plus year history, and most recently by the Hank Levin & Co., which used the site as a furniture warehouse. It was during the Levin era that the factory experienced several major fires that crippled the business and caused a major safety concern for the existing structures.

The Township acquired the property in 2001 through foreclosure and continued its effort to prepare the property for redevelopment by allowing the zoning for the property to change to age restricted affordable housing. The property's prime location adjacent to the Henry Hudson Trail, the Matawan Municipal Community Center and just a short walk to the Aberdeen Township Hall makes for a perfect match to the new zoning.

In support of a proposed Brownfield redevelopment, CME Associates prepared a Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF) Application and obtained a HDSRF grant for $365,000 for the former South River Metals product Site in Aberdeen Township. CME Associates conducted a Remedial Investigation at the site. In addition, CME Associates obtained HDSRF Grant for $60,874 for a Preliminary Assessment and Site Investigation at the adjacent lot. CME Associates conducted the Preliminary Assessment, identifying several areas of concern including above and underground storage tanks, historic fill, historic infrastructure, and off-site impacts, and conducted site investigations.

The objective of the site investigation and remedial investigation was to collect the data necessary to evaluate remediation goals and appropriate remedial technologies for Brownfield Redevelopment. CME Associates conducted the following activities: installation of soil borings using proper drill rig equipment, investigation of test pits, contaminant field screening, collection of soil samples, soil screening with photo ionization detector (PID), well sampling using pumps and a water level meter, and installation of wells using drill rig equipment. Proper decontamination procedures were followed. The site remediation is part of an overall Township plan to redevelop the site into affordable senior residential housing.