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New Southbound Driscoll Bridge

New Jersey Turnpike Authority
Garden State Parkway Division

Responsible for monitoring the installation of pier foundations for the new southbound Driscoll Bridge over the Raritan River. The project included approximately 300-24" diameter CIP steel pipe piles and approximately fifty 72" diameter drilled caissons with 19 feet deep rock sockets to approximate depths of 100 feet. CME's involvement also included monitoring static and dynamic (PDA) pile bearing capacity testing and Osterberg Cell testing of drilled caissons, as well as installation of temporary steel sheeting and soil/rock anchoring systems. Our geotechnical group also monitored the tremie concrete placement and conducted steel cage inspections. At the bridge approaches, CME was responsible for monitoring the installation of temporary retaining soldier pile-lagging walls, the proof and performance testing of soil anchors, and the installation of MSE walls. At the widening of the Chevalier Avenue Bridge, in Sayreville, CME Associates monitored the installation of H-piles and pier construction.

*Geotechnical work on this project was performed by EGS Associates whose staff are now with CME Associates