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David B. Crabiel Park

Middlesex County

The Park, named in honor of David B. Crabiel, the late long-time Freeholder Director of Middlesex County, includes an artificial turf multi-purpose field, a little league baseball field, walking paths, a tot lot recreational area and playground, passive use areas, and restroom facilities. The park was developed on the site of an underutilized county facility at the intersection of Route 1 and Milltown Road/ Main St at the border between North Brunswick Township and the Borough of Milltown. The roof of the restroom facilities was customized to accommodate a photovoltaic panel array on the roof by constructing the roof pitch at the optimum 34 degree facing due south.

CME Associates has been involved with the project for over 5 years, including the survey, final design, Bid and Award services and Construction support services with on-site Resident Engineering.

The work included the construction of a synthetic turf multi-purpose field which has line striping and goals for Soccer, Boys Lacrosse, and Girls Lacrosse. The synthetic turf field includes a stone subbase with drainage piping that allow for a quick draining field that is playable in all weather conditions. Ball stop netting has been installed behind each goal to prevent soccer and lacrosse balls from unintentionally leaving the field. A MUSCO lighting system with remote scheduling has been installed to allow for playing at night.

The work also included the construction of a youth baseball field. The field is constructed on a stone subbase with an extensive underdrain system allowing for a well-drained surface. The sod areas are fully covered by an automated irrigation system. The backstop is an 18' tall vertical fence which maximizes the playable area behind home plate.

A Comfort Building housing both Men's and Women's bathrooms, and a park maintenance room was also constructed as part of this project. The building features a photovoltaic roofing system which generates power to offset the energy used by the facility. Adjacent to the Comfort Building is a Memorial Area for the late David B. Crabiel for whom the Park is named. The Memorial Area consists of a paver walkway, a decorative brick monument with bronze dedication plaque, three flagpoles displaying an American Flag, a Middlesex County Flag, and a POW Flag, and extensive landscaping.

Other site improvements included the construction of a Playground or "Tot Lot" with equipment for children ages 2 – 5 years old and ages 5 – 12 years old. A parking lot with handicap accessible parking was constructed and includes decorative area lighting. Storm drainage improvements including two detention basins keep the park from flooding during heavy rainfall. Water system improvements include new water main and service to the Comfort Building and water fountains, and a service for the irrigation system and hose connections throughout the park. A new sanitary sewer force main was installed to service the new Comfort Building.