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Linden Landfill

City of Linden

On behalf of the City of Linden, CME Associates provided engineering and environmental services for the landfill closure and post-closure activities at the City of Linden Sanitary Landfill in Linden, New Jersey. The professionals of CME Associates were directly involved in the design and development of the Landfill Closure and Post-Closure Plans, negotiations with the NJDEP to obtain the necessary approvals, design and providing construction oversight for the engineering control systems including the slurry wall and leachate collection system. CME Associates also provided Quality Assurance services for the landfill closure activities including final capping system and storm water management system. CME Associates designed an active landfill gas extraction and control system with enclosed flare, prepared specification / contract documents, and assisted the City to obtain project financing through the NJEIT. CME Associates prepared permit applications for the active gas collection and treatment system, and obtained the NJDEP Subchapter 8 and Title V air permit approvals. CME Associates has been providing on-going services for the leachate and landfill gas monitoring in accordance with the approved Closure Plan.