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MCIA - Yard Waste Project

Middlesex County Improvement Authority

Since its founding in 1983, CME Associates has represented various governmental agencies, including individual municipalities, counties, and authorities, and assisted them in addressing their solid waste and recycling collection and disposal requirements.

The firm developed a county - wide recycling implementation program for Middlesex County, a key component of which addressed yard waste, defined as brush, grass, leaves, tree parts, and stumps. The program was intended to comply with the State's goal is 60% recycling of municipal solid waste and the exclusion of yard waste from landfills. The plan, as approved by the County and as implemented by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, took individual municipal yard waste facilities and consolidated them into regional facilities where materials were either processed directly and converted to compost, or transported to a contractor's facility for processing. Ultimately, the overall plan assisted Middlesex County to be one of the top counties in exceeding the State's objective of greater than 60% municipal solid waste recycling.

The firm has, since its inception, also prepared specifications and bid documents for our individual clients for: yard waste composting and recycling; municipal solid waste collection and disposal; and the collection, processing, and marketing of recyclable materials. Recently, the trend has changed from segregation of recyclable materials (glass, plastics, metals/newsprint, office, and mixed paper/cardboard) collected in multiple-compartment trucks to "single stream" collection with processing at a materials recovery facility (MRF) for marketing. CME Associates has kept our clients abreast of changing regulations and trends such that they are able to comply with same in a cost-effective and efficient manner to the benefit of their constituents.