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Plainsboro Pond Dam

Township of Plainsboro

The Plainsboro Pond Dam, located in Plainsboro Township, New Jersey, was built around the turn of the century to impound water in order to power a grill mist. The dam supports Maple Avenue, a major collector roadway serving the Township and adjoining communities and is the centerpiece for an existing park extending the entire length of the pond.

As a result of a dam safety-inspection in August 1993, the municipality was directed by the State to upgrade the facility to current standards, particularly with regard to existing headwalls and outlets, the removal of vegetation from the embankment slope, to provide engineering design and investigation, to analyze the stability of the structure and to provide protection for the roadway and embankment from water overtopping the dam.

Accordingly, thanks to the joint effort between the County of Middlesex and Plainsboro Township, the Plainsboro Pond Dam Improvements are underway.

The project, which has been designed by Plainsboro Township Engineers, CME Associates, required the receipt of an NJDEP Dam Safety Permit, an NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands Statewide General Permit and Freehold Soil Conservation District Permit, as well as acquisition of property to accommodate the State mandated improvements.

During the design phase, it was found necessary to remove several large oak trees that line Maple Avenue across the dam. However, a unique and innovative landscaping plan has been prepared in order to recapture the pleasant treed vista which area residents have come to know and love.

Further, in an effort to beautify the park setting, a granite block facing will be added to the concrete abutments in addition to a deck on the outlet structure that will provide access for fisherman to the center portion of the pond.