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Garden State Parkway Interchange 142

The GSP Interchange 142 provides connections between the GSP and I-78, which passes over the GSP immediately north of the Union Toll Plaza. At the interchange, the GSP has northbound and southbound roadways separated by a safety shaped concrete median barrier. Route I-78 has five eastbound and five westbound travel lanes configured as a two-lane expressway and three-lane local roadway, all with left and right shoulders of varying width. The interchange is located within residential, commercial and industrial properties. Southwest of the interchange are single-family homes and the Elizabeth River Park. The Elizabeth River parallels the west side of the GSP and flows from north to south through the interchange. The east side of the interchange is comprised predominantly of industrial properties, and Tuscan Dairy Farms, Inc. property resides within the interchange. To the north are residential properties, including single and multi-family homes, condominiums and a bowling alley. West of the interchange and north of I-78 are predominantly single-family homes.

The existing interchange provides for six out of the possible eight connections between the GSP and I-78. The proposed improvements will consist of two new connections between the GSP and I-78, just north of the Union Toll Plaza, providing the southbound GSP to I-78 eastbound and northbound GSP to I-78 westbound movements. The proposed improvements to the GSP/I-78 Interchange include the construction of new entrance/exit ramps, bridges and retaining walls. The area in the vicinity of the proposed project vary from residential to the west bound of I-78 and to the north of the GSP/I-78 loop ramps, and commercial and industrial parcels to the eastbound of I-78 and within the GSP/I-78 Interchange.

On behalf of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), and in association with Gannett Fleming, Inc., CME Associates (ICON/CME), conducted a Preliminary Assessment (PA) and Site Investigation (SI) for the Garden State Parkway Improvements to Interchange 142 project. Additionally, The CME Structures Unit designed all the independent retaining walls for this project together with all the geotechnical reports and analysis. CME has also produced the majority of Right of Way documents required for this project including survey support. CME staff have also provided Highway Lighting Design and Utility Engineering Services based on the New Jersey Department of Transportation & the New Jersey Turnpike Authority design standards.